DACS DACS - The Distributed Access Control System

DACS Documentation

Probably the best introductions to DACS are the Executive Overview, the FAQ, and background information. Basic technical information can be found in dacs(1).

If you are wondering how DACS solves a particular problem, or you would just like to get a sense of the kinds of things that DACS can do, check the Tips. You may find the glossary of terms helpful.

Those who are new to DACS or are upgrading from an older version are encouraged to read the Quick Start Tutorial, which gives step-by-step instructions for installing and configuring DACS.

If you are going to install DACS or have already done so, please review the Post-Release Notes for important updates.

Note that some DACS utilities, like sslclient(1), dacshttp(1), and cgiparse(8) can be useful tools even if you have no interest in the rest of DACS. You do not need to configure (or even install) DACS to be able to use them. Their manual pages identify these "stand-alone" utilities.

Technical information for the latest release is available in the manual pages:

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