DACS DACS - The Distributed Access Control System

DACS Solutions

The core DACS technologies provide powerful, reliable identity management and access control functionality. The open source DACS distribution provides both application developers and Apache web site administrators with a wide range of options for harnessing its authentication and authorization solutions.

Security software requires considerable domain-specific knowledge and is challenging to develop. DACS can often supply exactly what you need to extend the capabilities of your web sites to meet your access control requirements, or to address your software application's security needs, without having to write any code.

DACS consists of three "products":

DACS-enhanced Apache
Through its Apache 2.4 module, DACS can extend and enhance the authentication and access control capabilities of your Apache web server.

DACS Federations
DACS includes a collection of web services that transform two or more Apache web servers into a federated identity management system with single sign-on capability.

DACS Tools
The dacscheck utility can be called by virtually any program or script to perform access control tests. And the dacsauth utility can be called by virtually any program or script to perform authentication tests. A variety of utilities and web services is available to middleware programmers, allowing them to customize DACS or integrate it with their environment.

These DACS products share the same core components and can work with each other.

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