DACS DACS - The Distributed Access Control System

DACS Resources

The About, Executive Overview, and FAQ are good places to start if you want to understand what DACS does, how it works, and who it is for. Or take a look at some of its features and benefits.

The What is DACS? article describes its basic features with a minimum of technical detail.

For the more technically inclined, the dacs(1) manual page includes important and fundamental information. The Tips & Examples page consists of practical examples that demonstrate how DACS can solve common kinds of authentication and access control problems. This can also be a good place to start to get a feel for what DACS can do.

Whether you are interested in deploying DACS as a complete web-based system or are only interested in using one of its components, DACS offers a variety of solutions.

Some simple demonstrations are available to help you to understand how DACS works and how it can be used.

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