DACS DACS - The Distributed Access Control System

DACS Support

If you are having trouble installing, configuring, or using DACS, your first step should be to make sure that you are using the most recent release of DACS. We are pleased to offer basic consultation and assistance with DACS at no charge. There is normally no charge for dealing with bugs and deficiencies in the open source release.

Professional technical support packages are available to help you to deploy, configure, evaluate, customize, and administer DACS. All technical support is provided by members of the DACS development team, the people who know DACS best. A wide range of professional services are also available.

Like many other open source licensed products, technical support subscriptions, together with revenue from consultation and customization projects, fund DACS development work. DACS cannot continue to exist without financial support from its user community. If you are using DACS, please consider purchasing a technical support package.

We provide cost estimates for more complicated problems.

Professional Services

DSS and Metalogic offer a wide variety of professional services for DACS and authentication and authorization technologies. Because DACS is open source software, it is revenue from these kinds of services that makes it possible for us to continue to maintain, develop, and improve DACS. We have worked with many system administrators and developers to incorporate DACS functionality into their software, add their authentication methods to DACS, and assist with testing and deployment.

  • Technical support
    Your technical questions about DACS, its installation, and how to configure and administer it can be answered promptly by email or phone. We can help you to install and configure DACS on your platforms.
  • Consulting services
    We can provide technical analysis and recommendations to help you to understand your authentication and access control requirements and how to address them. If DACS is an appropriate solution, we can advise you on how best to integrate it with your environment or products.
  • Partnerships
    If you are involved with a project having a security requirement that might be satisfied by DACS, a partnership or subcontracting arrangement may be possible. We will also consider helping open source projects get started with DACS.
  • Training
    We can help your technical staff to get up to speed quickly with DACS.
  • Customization
    We can assist technical staff to tailor DACS to their requirements or write middleware, add new features to DACS on a priority basis, or develop a custom version of DACS for you.
  • Porting
    We can port DACS to platforms not officially supported by the standard distribution.
  • Maintenance agreements
    Bug fixes and related technical support on a priority basis can be contracted for.
  • Preferred customer agreements
    Those with a significant stake in the future direction of DACS can help to direct its development, gain access to interim releases, and be kept up-to-date with respect to long-range plans.

Questions and Bug Reports

If you need help or have a question about DACS, whether it can be used to solve a certain problem, or if you would like to suggest a new feature or improvement, we would like to hear from you!

We are especially interested in reports of bugs and security-related weaknesses. If something doesn't work as documented, or if the documentation is incorrect or incomplete, please let us know! We want DACS to be as good as we can possibly make it - we can do this better with your help - and we want DACS to be used.

All correspondence will be handled confidentially.

You may find an answer to your problem in the Tips area. The FAQ might also be helpful. Technical documentation for the latest release is available.

Please contact us directly with bug reports. We try to respond within one business day. If you submit a patch or code, it must state licensing terms that are compatible with the DACS open source license (such as a BSD-style license). If no licensing terms are specified, you implicitly agree to release it into the public domain. Any contribution incompatible with the DACS open source license will not be used.

Technical Support Packages

Three annual technical support packages are available: the basic Bronze Level Package the Silver Level Package, and the Gold Level Package. Prices start at CAD $8,000 (effective 1-Jan-2016). Courtesy of the relatively cheap Canadian Dollar, this is particularly affordable for out-of-country clients. All prices are exclusive of applicable taxes.
These packages provide:
  • Help with DACS installation and configuration
  • Answers to general questions about DACS
  • Assistance with debugging DACS
  • High-priority bug fixes
  • Advice and recommendations for software developers using, customizing, integrating, or porting DACS
  • Other activities approved by DSS on a case-by-case basis
Per-hour and fixed-cost service agreements are available.

Please contact us for details or to order.

For qualifying educational institutions and non-profit organizations, significant discounts are given for product support and professional services. Please inquire for details.

Alternative Licensing

Licensing terms different from those of the open source license can be purchased from DSS.

Commercial licensing, license maintenance, and technical support options for DACS are:

  • royalty-free
  • flexible, because they are unbundled
  • simple to understand and administer, with fixed costs
  • very attractively priced, even for small companies or small projects

Because they are eligible for a discount on technical support, even those who only need open source licensing may benefit from a commercial license. Please contact us for details and current pricing.


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