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To help us to plan and focus our efforts, we would be very interested to find out a little about what you plan to do with DACS. Please take a minute to help us (hey, we'd fill out your form)! The information you provide will not be used for any other purpose.

Name/Email (optional)
Company/Organization (optional)
Why did you download DACS?

Why are you interested in DACS? (check all that apply)
For enhanced authentication For enhanced access control For single sign-on
To integrate with programs for access control As middleware For one or more of its utilities

On which platforms do you plan to deploy DACS? (check all that apply)
GNU/Linux *BSD Solaris Cygwin Other (please describe below)

On how many separate hosts do you plan to deploy DACS?
On 1 server On 2-9 servers On 10+ servers

Which authentication methods are of interest to you? (check all that apply)
X.509 client certificates Unix passwords NTLM LDAP/ADS Two-factor
DACS passwords Apache module An external program A combination of methods
Other (please describe below)

If you have decided not to install or use DACS, why not? (check all that apply)
It is too complicated I had problems building or installing it It is too difficult to build or install
It is too difficult to configure It does not solve my problem I do not have time to work with it
It will not work with Apache 1.3 It will not work with Microsoft IIS
We found something better (please describe below)
It will not work on my platform (please describe below)
I think it is insecure or not secure enough (please describe below)
I could not get it to work (please describe below)
I don't like its license (please describe below)
Some other reason (please describe below)

Any additional information?
If possible, include a brief description of your deployment (How many federations and jurisdictions do you have? Which authentication modules do you use? What hardware and OS do you use?) and future plans for DACS.



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